At Yukon Eye Care, We Take Your Eyes To Heart. That means we take the time to get to know you. We take the time to help you find the best eyewear for your lifestyle. We want to make your day better just because you are here and because we appreciate you. 

Voted Best in Yukon 4 out of 5 years

Our passion is our patients. We love helping them see better.  We love helping them find just the perfect pair of beautiful glasses.  We love showing a child that there are leaves on the trees.  We love helping a parent to figure out why a child is struggling at school.  We love helping people throw away their glasses after a Vision Correction Procedure, such as Lasik or Cataract surgery.  We love teaching people how to care for contact lenses so that their eyes will stay healthy. 

Our newest line of eyewear is Eyes of Faith.  For every pair of Eyes of Faith or Not of This World eyewear you purchase, Eyes of Faith will give a complete pair of glasses to another person in need! These glasses are beautifully made with details such as a cross or a stained glass effect on the temples. Wear & Share! 

We spend our money in Yukon, so when you support us, you help support your community.  We charitably support Manna Pantry, Compassionate Hands, and ChildSHARE.